Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

You can save money on home maintenance costs when you take care of minor problems yourself, but you will need the right tools for the task. Working on appliances, furniture, and other components in your home without the proper tools can cause damage and put you at risk of injury. Here is a list of basic tools for homeowners.


As a homeowner, you’ll need a hammer to hang picture frames on the wall, fix loosened door trim or baseboards, and remove unwanted nails. This last use requires a claw hammer, as opposed to a ball-peen hammer or a mallet. Hammers vary according to their purpose, but for most households, a claw hammer will be the most essential addition to the toolbox.

Assorted Screwdrivers are Basic Tools for Homeowners

One of the basic tools every homeowner should have is the screwdriver. Because screws come in different sizes, having a variety screwdrivers on hand allows you to quickly complete a project.

There are different styles of screwdriver tips, but the two most common are Phillips head, which looks like a plus-sign, and a standard tip that looks similar to a tiny chisel. It’s best to purchase a set that includes one handle and interchangeable tips so that you’re prepared for any job.

Wrenches are Another One of the Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Because wrenches are adjustable, they are handy for a variety of projects. When using a bolt, the nut that holds it in place requires a tool for adequate tightening. Nuts and bolts fasten pieces together in furniture, children’s toys, strollers, and even the basement stairs.

Different Types of Pliers

Pliers come in handy when you need to grip something tightly to manipulate it in a specific manner. This could be wire, wood, plastic, tubing, or other material. You’ll be able to find a type of pliers to help you with your job.

Many of the needle-nosed varieties have a wire cutter built into their design. Slip-joint pliers have a sliding axis that widens the mouth of the pliers to handle larger pieces than would be possible with a fixed axis.

Measuring Tools

A retractable measuring tape is great for determining the dimensions of an area or lengths of a board before cutting. Always measure twice, checking against your design’s requirements, and then cut. Other tools used to measure include a square. This tool tells you if an angle is 90 degrees. Yardsticks measure shorter lengths and are helpful for drawing perfectly straight lines.

Saws Are Helpful Tools for Homeowners

Cutting through materials requires a saw. A regular hand saw can cut wood and some plastics. However, PVC or metal tubing requires the use of a fine-toothed hacksaw.

Clamps for Holding Projects in Place

Sometimes projects need glue to hold pieces in place. When glue is used, applying pressure during the drying time ensures a tight bond. Clamps are great tools for holding pieces together while the bond forms.

Other Important Tools for Homeowners

Not all tools are hardware, but they are still crucial to getting the job done safely and correctly. Here is a list of essential items that should find their way on to your workbench.


Tape comes in many different styles and varieties. You might need duct tape, masking tape, Teflon tape for plumbing joints, electrical tape, clear tape, or double-sided sticky tape. Tape can be used to temporarily hold things in place, seal leaks, reinforce a plumbing joint, mask an area before painting, or to hang your child’s artwork.

Electrical Extension Cord

Extension cords are available in varying lengths and sizes. Check to make sure the gauge of wire can handle the intended use. Extension cords are designed for short-term use and should never be permanently in place for things like powering a refrigerator.

Flashlights are Necessary Tools for Homeowners

You may need to tackle repair work in poorly-lit closets, cabinets, or dark crawlspaces, and a flashlight makes the task possible. A few handheld flashlights around the house are good for power outages. Purchase an LED headlamp for a hands-free light source.

Paintbrushes and Rollers

Painting or staining different parts of the house is part of homeownership. Applying waterproofing sealer to your deck protects the wood from weathering. You’ll want to touch up chipped paint on trim work and may choose to repaint the living room in a bright new color.

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