The weather is nice and the days are longer, giving you the perfect opportunity to tackle summer home maintenance projects. Let’s look at a few easy tasks you can do yourself to make your home more attractive and comfortable this summer.

Refinish the Deck

If you have a wooden backyard deck, it’s important to keep it safe and secure. Examine the deck and look for boards that are rotting, warped, or splintering.

Replace any damaged lumber and then sand the surface of the deck. Protect the wood with a couple of coats of water sealant or wood-stain for decks. Friends and family will be glad to have a comfortable place to spend time outside.

Painting is a Great Summer Home Maintenance Project

In most areas, the weather is warmer and drier during the summer months, making it a great time to paint. Whether you paint a room in your home, an outbuilding, or the front porch, good weather helps you get the job done more quickly.

Before painting, take the time to prep the surface. Fill in any gaps or cracks with a spackling compound or wood filler. Sand the surface smooth and wash it to remove any dust or stains before applying your paint. Use high-quality brushes and paint rollers to get the best results. If you’re painting indoors, open the windows or turn on fans to boost circulation. Good airflow helps the paint dry faster so you can apply the second coat.

Improve the Flower Beds

Tidy landscaping makes your home more attractive and boosts curb appeal. Spend a weekend cleaning up the flower beds. Remove weeds and trim dead or dying plants. Purchase fresh mulch for the flower beds. Mulch is especially helpful in the summertime because it restricts weed growth and helps the soil retain moisture, protecting your plants from the heat.

Summer Home Maintenance: Inspect the Roofing

Examine your roof or hire a professional to perform an inspection and identify any problems. Look for any missing or damaged shingles and moss or algae growth, and remove fallen tree branches and other debris from the roof. Make repairs now while the weather is warmer to resolve any leaks and roofing concerns before the weather turns cold.

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