Because of the COVID pandemic, are probably spending more time at home and are more cautious about getting sick. It is important now more than ever to do everything you can to stay healthy. Take these simple steps to promote wellness at home and support your family’s health.

Eliminate Mold to Promote Wellness at Home

Mold in your home can cause serious issues, and some people are more sensitive to mold than others. However, preventing and eliminating mold is critical if you want to promote wellness at home. Keep the inside of your home dry and humidity levels low, and address any signs of mold that you notice so that it doesn’t grow and spread.

Sanitize Surfaces

Keeping the home clean is paramount for making it a healthy place to live. Germs accumulate on surfaces and can make you sick. Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces like countertops, tables, remote controls, and even your phone. Use an antibacterial product to kill germs. You can make your own natural antibacterial spray by mixing white vinegar, water, and a few drops of essential oils.


Keeping things organized helps promote wellness at home. When there isn’t clutter everywhere, it is easier to get rid of dust and identify mold and leaks. Statistics show that orderly living spaces improve the inhabitants’ mental health, too. Cluttered homes have been directly correlated with high levels of stress.

Promote Wellness at Home by Changing Air Filters

The air you breathe every day affects your health. Fortunately, it is easy to improve indoor air quality simply by changing the air filters in devices that you use in your home. The most important one is in the HVAC system, which pumps conditioned air throughout the entire home. Most manufacturers advise changing the air filter every 30-90 days. Be sure to also change the filters in your air purifiers.

Purify Water and Air

Clean water and air are arguably the most important basic needs for anyone. Set up air purifiers in the bedrooms and common spaces of the home. Most tap water, whether well or municipal, will benefit from a water filter. Before choosing a water filter, have a water test performed so you know which contaminants need to be removed from your water supply.

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