The best time to organize your closet is when the season changes. Decluttering and organizing your wardrobe helps you access clothes that are more suitable for the current season. Doing this can save you time in the morning when you are rushing off to work. Here are five steps to organize your closet quickly.

1. Empty It

The first step is to pull everything out of the closet to have an empty space to work with. Once you have cleaned out everything, do a quick sort. To make this process easy, have one trash bag and one box or bag ready to go. To organize your closet, you are going to want to get rid of some things first. If any pieces of clothing are worn out, throw them in the trash bag. If some of the clothes are in good shape but you have not worn them in a year, toss them in the box to take to a thrift store.

2. Sort By Season When You Organize Your Closet

Now that you have a pile of clothes you are keeping, separate them by seasons. You will want to have everyday clothing at eye level in the closet, within easy reach. Clothing that you plan on wearing the next season can be folded and put on a high shelf or in storage.

If you need to box them up, plastic totes are easy to carry, and they last longer than cardboard boxes. Use a labeler or masking tape to label the sides of the totes. These notes will make it easier when it is time to switch out your clothing for the next season.

3. Restock

To organize your closet efficiently, you will want to divide the clothing into things you want to hang up and items to be neatly folded. The clothes that hang are usually shirts and dresses. Sweaters and pants can be folded. Sort them by color, and neatly stack them. If needed, there are creative ways to add more shelving to organize your closet. You can find a bookcase at your local thrift store, or purchase a few small wire racks from your local hardware store. The wire racks are available in two varieties: standalone and attached to the wall.

4. Organize Your Closet Floor

Shoes often make closet floors messy. Get them off the floor with hanging shoe racks. Have one section for athletic shoes, one for formal footwear, one for sandals, and one for work shoes.

5. Install Hooks

If you find that your closet is still cramped after cleaning, sorting, and organizing, add some hooks on either end of the closet. Hang up items like purses, belts, and scarves.

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