Purchasing a home is an exciting time. There are many preparations and things to do before closing on the new home. People who purchase a pre-owned home often know the importance of a home inspection to protect their investment. However, inspection on new construction is sometimes overlooked.

Errors Can be Found with an Inspection on New Construction

Contractors doing new home construction work on many homes every year and not every build or every project is completed perfectly. There are many facets of a new home build from laying down the foundation to putting the final touches on the trim, so there is much that can be missed.

The builder relies on his contractors to supervise the work of their crews, but with so many involved in a project, mistakes can be made. A home inspection on new construction provides an objective third-party view of the property.

A Home Inspector is Trained to Find Defects

The home inspector is a professional who is hired to make sure a newly built home is move-in ready. He or she will assess every system, appliance, and component of the house.

The buyer will receive a report that lists items that should be repaired, materials that need to be replaced, and safety concerns. Using the information in the report, the buyer can discuss problems and fixes with the builder before the move-in date.

Code Inspectors do a Minimum Assessment

Building officials operate on a full schedule and a new construction home is only one of many daily visits. Local code inspectors only look at the minimum standards required of their cities, states, and municipalities. Although they may find potential issues, they cannot be counted on for a thorough inspection on new construction because it is not their job.

Learn About the Home with an Inspection on New Construction

A home inspection on new construction reports in detail on the new construction purchase. The buyer can walk-through with the inspector so he or she can share information about the home. A home inspector can point out shut-off valves, electrical boxes, water heater, and HVAC systems’ components, and will answer any questions the buyer may have.

Purchasing new construction is a major investment and should be treated as such. A complete home inspection on new construction either confirms the home is move-in ready or identifies needed repairs that the builder will complete. Either offers the buyer peace of mind for years to come.

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