Moving into your dream home can be very exciting, but establishing security measures to protect you and your family may seem daunting. Fortunately, there are many cost-effective ways to boost your home’s security. Here are five ways to improve home security to protect your loved ones and belongings.

Add Exterior Lighting to Improve Home Security

Illuminating your home’s exterior can help to deter burglars from breaking into your house. If you have a front porch, you can leave the light on throughout the night. Motion sensor lights are also a cost-effective way of lighting up your outdoors after dark.

This lighting automatically turns on as soon as it senses motion outside, which can surprise a potential burglar and cause him to run away. If your neighbors live close to you, adjust the lighting angles to avoid shining light into their homes.

Secure Your Windows

Windows are common entry points for thieves, especially those found on the ground floor. The side and back windows are easier to break into without being spotted by your neighbors.

To make it challenging for them to access your home, lock all windows at night and before leaving the house. Check to see if all the locks are working. If any locks are broken, fix them yourself or hire a professional.

Improve Home Security by Joining a Neighborhood Watch

Joining a neighborhood watch is a simple step that can significantly help you improve home security. Search online to see if there is an active group near your area. If there isn’t, create one. This program is an excellent way for neighbors to look out for each other and keep track of all the activities happening in the neighborhood.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Most burglars won’t dare break into your home if they think you are inside. They would instead target an empty house where no one can catch them in the act. Therefore, an easy way to deter intruders is to make it seem like there’s someone at home all the time.

Leave a light or TV on when you’re at work during the day. If you are away for a long time, install smart bulbs so that you can control them using an app on your mobile phone. You can also ask a trustworthy family member or neighbor to help collect your mail when you’re not around. A mail pile-up indicates that the homeowner has been gone for a long time.

Buy Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is possibly one of the most effective ways to improve home security. In case of a break-in, the security cameras will capture and record the footage giving you a better chance of finding the thief and returning all your belongings. Smart security systems also allow you to monitor your property in real-time, which can be reassuring, especially if you are away from home.

Improving your home’s security doesn’t have to be tiring or expensive. These tips can help you get started. You don’t have to complete all of them at once. Identify the methods that best suit you and finish them before moving on to the others.

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