Attractive homes will always make the best possible first impression on prospective buyers, family and friends, and anyone walking by. Whether you are preparing to place your home on the market or want to give your home a facelift, there are many simple ways to improve curb appeal.

Make Your Landscaping Shine

Your landscaping makes up much of the exterior of your home, so one of the best ways to improve curb appeal is to improve your landscaping. Keep your lawn trimmed to a neat, even length. Always edge the lawn and garden beds so that your turf looks professionally maintained. In the spring, add a layer of mulch around shrubs and trees to lock in moisture and add a tidy appearance.

Install a New Mailbox to Improve Curb Appeal

If you have never replaced your mailbox, there is a good chance that it is stained, weathered, or dented. To improve curb appeal in an instant, install a new mailbox. If you are listing your home on the real estate market, choose a classic style that is likely to appeal to many people in a neutral color. If you are not planning on listing your home soon, select from the many options on the market today, including fun shapes and colors that will add some personality.

Freshen the Entrance

Every homeowner wants guests to feel welcome, and improving the entrance of your house is one way to do so. Paint your front door for an immediate upgrade. Is it hard to tell what number your address is at night or during the day? Paint your house number on the curb with stencils and install new, bigger numbers that re easy to see. Exchange the old and stained doormat for something new.

Swap Out Your Door Hardware

Most of us do not think about the hardware on the front door. To improve curb appeal at your house, change it to something fresh and free from damage or tarnishes. Choose a color and finish that will coordinate with the color of your front door. Many different materials and finishes are available today that have their pros and cons.

Choose New Landscape Lighting to Improve Curb Appeal at Night

Many homeowners are so focused on how their home looks during the day that they forget real estate showings may happen after dark. Landscape lighting maximizes your enjoyment of the property and makes it easier to navigate. Use a combination of spotlights and solar LED path lights to highlight the architectural features of your house, make it safer to navigate, and add a cozy feeling.

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