Gas prices are going up, and you’ve probably experienced sticker shock when pulling up to the pump. The unfortunate thing about rising gas prices is they drive up other costs. Businesses that offer products or services experience increasing fuel costs, too, and they pass these expenses on to customers. Here are some ways that high gas prices affect homeowners and their budgets.

More Expensive Repair Services

If you need to hire an electrician, a plumber, or a general contractor, you may notice their prices have increased. These professionals are spending more to fuel their vehicles, and they have to raise their prices to compensate. Hiring a repair person whose office is closer to your home may be less expensive. Some companies charge less because they don’t have to drive as far to reach your home.

More Costly Building Supplies

Even if you handle home improvements yourself, you’ll pay more for materials. From lumber to screws, building supplies have to be hauled to the warehouse or store. Shipping costs have increased with rising gas prices, which means retailers are forced to charge more for these items.

How Gas Prices Affect Homeowners: Higher Grocery Costs

The cost of groceries has been slowly going up, because it is more expensive to ship food. However, grocery prices have also gone up because it costs farmers more to fuel their equipment to plant and harvest crops. Save money by buying your produce locally at farmers’ markets, but expect those prices to be higher than usual.

Rising Gas Prices Mean Higher Landscaping Costs

If you do your landscaping, you’ll notice you’re spending more on the lawnmower and weed whacker fuel. Plants, edging, mulch, and other landscaping supplies have gone up in price, too.

If you hire a professional landscaper, you may find they have also increased their prices this season. They have to account for the rising cost of fueling their equipment and driving to reach you.

Gas Prices Affect Homeowners Who Need Deliveries

It is usually affordable to have large items delivered to your home, like sofas, appliances, and entertainment centers. Some furniture stores even offer free delivery on large items. Because of rising gas prices, most retailers have stopped offering free delivery, and in fact, they are charging more to deliver the things you’ve ordered. If you have access to a large vehicle, pick up the items yourself to save money.

These are just a few of the many ways in which rising gas prices have affected the average homeowner. When gas becomes more expensive, so do most things we purchase. At times like this, it is important to watch your budget, avoid overspending, shop locally, and consider larger purchases before you make them.

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