A house is the biggest investment many people make in their lives. Take care of your property and your family by using these tips for fire safety in the home. Each year, house fires cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and homeowners suffer major losses. Make sure you have a safety plan in place.

Have a Fire Extinguisher

It’s important to have a fire extinguisher in your home and, ideally, you should have at least one device on each level of your house. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen near your cooking appliances, in a visible location that’s easy to access. You’ll also want to store a fire extinguisher in your garage and basement. Check them monthly to make sure they aren’t expired.

Create a Fire Safety Plan

Every household needs a fire safety plan. Work together with your family to determine an escape route from your home. Make sure everyone knows to crawl to stay below the smoke. If your home has a second story, install a fire escape ladder in each bedroom. Periodically practice your fire escape plan to feel certain everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

Smoke Detectors are Essential for Fire Safety in the Home

Your home should have smoke detectors in each bedroom and on every level of the house. Install a smoke detecting device in the hallway outside of bedrooms to provide an early warning in case a fire breaks out elsewhere in the home. In the basement, install the smoke detector on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs.

Many of these devices are battery-operated, so it’s important to change the batteries at least twice a year.

Other Fire Safety Tips

Never leave candles unattended. Only use candles on a heat-resistant surface and extinguish them when leaving the room.

If you use a space heater in the winter, keep it away from curtains, rugs, furniture, and other flammable materials. Turn the heater off when leaving the house or going to bed for the night.

Have the chimney cleaned annually to improve the safety of your fireplace. Move flammable items several feet away from the fire and use a protective screen or install doors to keep the fire inside the firebox.

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