A fire pit makes an excellent gathering space for friends and family. To keep everyone safe, take precautions with the fire by following these fire pit safety tips anytime you build a fire.

Learn Fire Pit Safety

Whether you’re cooking on the grill or relaxing by the fire pit, it’s important to be careful around flames. Learn to use your outdoor fire pit safely to prevent a house fire, accidental burns, and smoke inhalation. Here are six tips for using your outdoor fire pit that will keep you and your family safe from danger.

1. Keep Your Yard Free of Leaves and Debris

Rake leaves and remove sticks and other debris from around the fire pit. This reduces the chances of a fire spreading into your yard and surrounding area.

2. Use the Right Wood for Fire Pit Safety

When building a fire, only use wood that has been seasoned for at least six months. Never use construction materials or composite wood as they can release toxic fumes. Don’t use softwoods like pine and birch because they produce more sparks and smoke.

3. Keep Children Away from Flames

Children are fascinated by fire and flames. Keep children away from fire pits and discourage them from tossing things into the flames. Teach kids to keep at least 10 feet away from a burning fire.

4. Install the Fire Pit Away from the Home

Never build an outdoor fire pit near any building or shed. Install the fire pit away from trees and any type of overhang. To stay safe, it should be located 20 feet away from any structure, including trellises, pergolas, and patio umbrellas.

5. Fire Pit Safety: Extinguish Fires Correctly

Before leaving the area, extinguish the flames completely. The best way to make sure a fire pit is properly extinguished is to douse the ashes in water and wait for several minutes to be sure there are no smoldering embers. You can also cover the area in dirt or sand to be completely sure that there will be no flare-ups.

6. Keep a Fire Extinguisher or Water Hose Within Reach

Keeping a fire extinguisher or water hose close by can prevent serious damage from occurring if something goes wrong. It only takes a few seconds for a small fire to turn into a growing blaze. Have an extinguisher or garden hose at hand to control burning embers that escape the fire pit or to put out flames that have gotten out of control.

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