Decluttering Your Home Reduces Stress

Decluttering your home will make finding things easier and reduce your stress level. However, knowing where to begin is often overwhelming. Do you start with the tower of papers on your counter or your overstuffed bedroom closet? These four tips will help you tackle your mountain of possessions and organize your home.

1. Set Aside Time to Declutter Your Home

If you think you can declutter your home here and there for five minutes a day and eventually it will be done, you are mistaken. Even though you are taking steps to declutter, that gives too much time during the rest of the day for things to get messy again.

Set aside substantial time with specific goals for decluttering. The faster you can get it done at once, the less time there will be for your efforts to be derailed by you or your family members. Once everything is organized and all items have a dedicated place, it will be easier to keep it that way.

2. Know What to Toss

HGTV suggests throwing away anything that is broken, outdated, doesn’t fit, ripped, or stained. Even if there is nothing wrong with an item, get rid of it if you don’t love it or never use the item. If it is a seasonal item that you do use, find a dedicated storage space that is out of the way.

Sort all the items in the area you are decluttering into bins or boxes to keep, get rid of, or store, and then find a place that makes sense for everything you keep. Group like items together so you know where to find things later on.

3. Tame Paper Piles

Paper accounts for a lot of the clutter on surfaces like desks and counters. Finding a way to organize papers is essential to decluttering your home. Scanning and saving papers electronically is a great solution to paper clutter. Go through your mail immediately; toss junk mail right away and file any important papers appropriately.

4. Declutter Your Entryway

The entryway is often cluttered because everyone drops their things there when they come in the door. Regularly take the time to declutter the entryway by putting things back into their proper places. If you have room, put an organizer that fits one pair of shoes for each member of the family and add a coat rack and storage shelf.

Decluttering your home may seem like a daunting task. However, with time, focus, and a plan, you can make your home an organized and relaxing place to live.

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