Improving your backyard deck is great for boosting property value. An attractive deck provides a place for your family and guests to spend quality time while enjoying the outdoors. You can host birthday parties, graduation events, anniversary celebrations, and summertime cookouts. Here are a few deck upgrade projects to make your outdoor living spaces better.

Deck Lighting

You don’t have to end your outdoor party or gathering at dusk. Extend your celebrations by adding lights to your deck area. Mix and match the various types of lighting to best illuminate the space.

Use string lights, stair lighting, post, and railing lights in combination for a well-lit and welcoming area. Lights are not just for cosmetic reasons; good lighting in your deck area also provides added safety.

Upgrade Your Deck Railings

Regular maintenance is necessary for deck safety. Over time, wood will warp, crack, and splinter. One popular deck improvement that also increases safety is to update your deck’s railings.

Change out rotting, warped, or loose balusters for metal or cables. New deck railings improve your outdoor living area and give it a contemporary feel. With a wide variety of options available, you will find a style that suits your needs and your budget.

Privacy Walls

If you have a not-so-attractive view of your neighbor’s property from your deck, privacy walls offer a solution. Grab your tools and build a wall from old pallets, hang curtains from a pergola, or install a trellis and cover it in vining plants.

This project not only gives you privacy, but it also provides style and turns your deck area into a one-of-a-kind space.

Create Shade

The sun can be overwhelming, especially during the heat of a summer day. Make shades by using outdoor fabrics to block the sun and help you stay cool. Outdoor fabrics or all-weather fabrics come in an assortment of colors and patterns, allowing you to fully customize the sunshades for your deck area.

Upgrade Your Deck with Flowers, Plants, and Other Greenery

Your backyard deck will feel like a relaxing oasis when surrounded by flowers and plants. This upgrade enhances the aesthetics of your deck and also helps you and your guests stay cool.

When adding greenery, use tall containers to add height to an otherwise flat deck. Hanging plants are also a great addition that will change your deck’s look from one season to the next.

Add Pillows

Pillows are cozy accents to add to your deck. Shop for colorful pillows made of all-weather fabric and incorporate them into the area. Use larger floor pillows on the deck for additional seating. Pillows and other fabrics, like curtains and rugs, help create a welcoming space.

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