Maintaining a comfortable temperature is challenging during the summer, especially if you don’t have central air conditioning. Fortunately, there are many ways to cool your home without AC. Here are a few things to reduce energy bills and lower the temperature inside to keep your family cool.

Close the Curtains to Cool Your Home Without AC

Even if you have modern, energy-efficient windows, the sun’s radiant heat will warm the inside of the house. To cool your home without AC, keep the blinds and curtains closed when the sun is brightest. Awnings on the windows help shade them during the hottest part of the day.

Open Windows for a Cross Breeze

To cool your home without AC, open windows when the temperature is mild. Encourage a cross-breeze by opening multiple windows. Circulating air feels cooler than stagnant air and helps reduce the temperature indoors.

Use Fans to Cool Your Home Without AC

Fans don’t reduce the temperature of the air, but they accelerate the evaporation process, so you feel cooler as sweat evaporates from your skin. If you have ceiling fans, run them counterclockwise on a high setting to create a windchill effect that will cool you off.

Change the Lightbulbs

Incandescent lightbulbs waste energy and produce heat. Other types of bulbs like LEDs and CFLs emit virtually no heat. To lower your energy bill and keep your home cooler, switch to LED lightbulbs. LEDs are less expensive to operate, last longer than standard bulbs, and don’t generate heat that warms up your home.

Save Chores for After Dark

Daylight hours can bring extreme heat in the summer, but temperatures cool down naturally after the sun sets. As a result, chores that release heat into the home, like washing and drying clothes and running the dishwasher, should be saved for after dark. Wait until after dark to use heat-generating appliances to keep your home cool.

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