It’s no secret that home improvements and updates can be expensive. But, when done well, many projects will increase the value of your home. If you’re considering selling the house soon, be strategic about the upgrades you choose to take on. Some improvements and updates don’t boost property value and may not provide the return on investment (ROI) you want.

Common Updates that Don’t Boost Property Value

1. Swimming Pools

Installing a swimming pool is a significant investment. If your family enjoys swimming, this upgrade could be a great addition to your home. However, pools are high maintenance, and many homebuyers aren’t interested in cleaning and upkeep on a pool. Prospective buyers will small children could see the swimming pool as a hazard. As a result, you may not see a significant ROI if you install a pool on your property.

2. Customized Upgrades

While you may love a brightly colored, custom backsplash in your kitchen or the built-in shelving in your living room, potential homebuyers may feel differently. The same goes for the bedroom you converted into a home office or a hobby room. Buyers shop for properties based on the number of bedrooms. It’s a good idea to reclaim the bedroom space before putting the house on the market.

When updating your home, stick with neutral choices that appeal to a broader range of people. Projects that are attractive to potential buyers will help you get a good return on investment when it comes time to sell.

3. High-End Appliances

If you’re planning to sell your home within the next few years, there’s no need to purchase all new top-of-the-line appliances. Potential buyers are unlikely to be willing to pay more for a home just because it has a smart refrigerator or washing machine. If you need to replace them, choose mid-range appliances and put the money towards other updates instead.

Choosing Projects to Boost Property Value

What home improvement projects should you focus on to increase your home’s value? Talk to your real estate agent to learn about what features prospective buyers look for. A few good examples include updating light fixtures, refinishing hardwood floors, painting the walls in neutral colors, and removing popcorn ceilings.

When it comes time to sell, buyers will be looking for a move-in-ready home. By taking on projects now, you make sure your home is in excellent shape when it hits the market so it can command top dollar.

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