While the bathroom might not be the first place that comes to mind for home renovations, some simple bathroom upgrades can make a big difference. Here are 6 ways to improve your bathroom.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Older faucets and showerheads use more gallons of water per minute than new, low-flow fixtures. The same goes for toilets. Update all the older water fixtures in the bathroom to effortlessly save water every day.

The EPA has labeled all water-efficient models that meet their criteria with the WaterSense brand. Purchase faucets, showerheads, and toilets with this certification and switch out the old models.

Re-Caulk the Tub

The caulk around the tub and shower waterproofs the area and protects the walls from moisture. Over time, wear and tear causes caulking to peel back and deteriorate. Sometimes it will discolor and you may see mold and mildew. In these cases, remove the existing caulk and apply a new strip. Flatten it out with a craft stick or your fingertip and allow it to set for at least 24 hours.

Bathroom Upgrades with Cabinets or Shelves

Storage areas help keep the bathroom from getting cluttered. With cabinets and shelves on the walls, you’ll have more space to store washcloths, toilet paper, and personal care items. Shelves are great for folded-up towels while cabinets are great for smaller items like toiletries.

Vent Exhaust Fan to the Outdoors

Ideally, the bathroom has an exhaust fan that vents the outdoors. Vent fans keep air circulating and draw moist air out of the room. Some bathrooms have vent fans that don’t exhaust outside and others don’t have them at all. A great way to prevent mold in the bathroom is to install an exhaust fan that vents outside.

Paint the Walls

A simple paint job might be all your bathroom needs. Exposure to moist air causes walls to fade over time, so it’s good to give them a fresh coat every once in a while. There are even mold-resistant paints that are designed specifically for humid areas like bathrooms.

Add New Towel Bars and Robe Hooks for Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom is more functional when you have the correct fixtures for hand towels, large towels, robes, and toilet paper installed on the walls. Pick out a stylish set and anchor them to the walls with drywall screws so they don’t wobble around.

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